Kevin Lutkenhaus

Hendry County School District - CTE Career Counselor



Welcome to Just Get Right! We strive here to work with all of our students, community, and parents to better the lives of our students.

As a new Career and Tech Education (CTE) Counselor, we will work together to accomplish good things that are right for our community. Please make sure you look at our outside resources link to get more information.

We will interact with CTE students in developing and understanding the post-secondary career training options available to all. We will assist students in making the needed connections to secure admissions into these program. Dual enrollment options will be emphasized to all students in the pursuit of high-quality and high paying jobs.

It is our desire to provide an educational atmosphere where students will move toward the fulfillment of their potential, for the individual growth.

We are hoping that you will all take a chance to visit Career Shines, a site dedicated to career education. Throughout this past several weeks, the students in Hendry County have been working on building their profiles, and finding their interests and abilities

What this will ultimately do is present a picture of what is a career possibility! Much emphasis is placed on what students want to do for career satisfaction, in their pursuits of the great future life.

In addition to the above, please take the time to look at Hendry County articulation agreements here. Make sure the following schools also get an adequate look:




















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